COPS Backpack/School Supply Party

Thank you to everyone that helped with the backpack/school supply project. We had people donate money, help shop, pack the backpacks, write personalized notes to each child, and a wonderful neighbor bought and had pizza delivered for a pizza/movie party this afternoon for the 7 of the 10 kids. Y’all Rock!!!

The children were all very appreciative and polite. Looking forward to having to back for an outdoor movie night this fall.

These are some of the children that Officer Martin & Officer Lawton (our CMPD Community Officers) work with through their program COPS – Children Making Positive Decisions. Their mission is to build strong foundations with children through personal relationships using positive police interactions.








Special Guests for National Night Out on 8/7!

Special Guests NNO

Some of our confirmed special guests will be:

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles

CMPD Deputy Police Chief Katrina Graue

Robyn Withrow & Marina Fulton – Asst District Attorneys from the Meck. Co. DA’s Office.

Kim Barnes – Southeast Community Engagement Manager with the City of Charlotte Housing and Neighborhood Services.

Tracy Thomas – Save the East Side – Charlotte’s Hidden Gem.

Charlotte-Mecklemburg Police Department Providence Division/Response Area 2 Officers. Command Staff & other CMPD Officials.

Charlotte Fire Department Station 3 – Firetruck
and other CFD Officials.

All these people have numerous NNO events to be at, so we are not sure when they will be at our event, but we are looking forward to them stopping by when they can.

10 Reasons to attend the Amity Gardens Neighborhood National Night Out on Tuesday 8/7!

To enjoy a fun night

To meet your neighbors. It’s important to know who lives in your neighborhood so you can more easily identify strangers and suspicious people. It’s also a great way to make new friends.

To increase the sense of belonging in your neighborhood

To make connections within the community. When you meet people, you may come away with a babysitting co-op, new friends for your children, a book club, and more.

To discover your neighbor’s hidden talents like line dancing, guitar playing, etc.

To share crime prevention and safety information with your neighbors. The more they know, the safer the neighborhood will be for all.

To learn about your neighborhood’s history

To strengthen police-community partnerships

To network among your neighbors

To organize a Block Watch group

The 35th Annual National Night Out event on 8/7/18.

The Amity Gardens event will be on 8/7 from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (drop-in). Front Yard/Porch at 5362 Buena Vista Avenue. NOTE: Change of location from last year.

Eat dinner at home, then come on over for some yummy dessert. The neighborhood board will be providing the desserts, but let us know if you would like to bring something sweet to share.

And if you have trouble with the heat, there will be seating inside so there is no reason not to come out and fellowship with your neighbors and city officials.