May Yard of the Month

Congratulations to Mr. John Beaver at 1029 Dudley Drive for being chosen for Amity Gardens May Yard of the Month!!

“I am really caught off guard, my yard seems so ragged now. Thank you for the Honor and, yes, I will accept.

As for my back ground; I have lived in this neighborhood since late 2016 for the second time. I live with my best feline friend, Gilligan who is 16 years old. My wife and I bought our first home in 1968 in Amity Gardens on Dudley Drive and lived here until 1980. I don’t live in the same house now that we first bought but I knew the neighborhood and like where I now live. There are quite a few changes since living in the neighborhood earlier. We used Unaka Drive for our main entrance and exit, there was no going under Independence Boulevard there was a traffic light at Independence and Pierson Drive. And there was no Walmart.

My wife and I had three (3) children and the want for more bathroom space we moved to Mint Hill in 1980. My children are now grown, two live in Charlotte and 1 lives in Mint Hill. Sadly, my wife passed away in 2008 after a bought with cancer. Following her death I felt it best to move from Mint Hill and the house I now live in became available. There are many points about the house/yard that appeal to me. My neighbors are fantastic.

I do try to maintain my yard, I enjoy the outdoors, flowers and trees. A previous owner has left many beautiful shrubs. With the shrubs along Eaton Rd along the north side of my back yard and shrubs along the south side provide a privacy that I enjoy.”

Thank You,
John Beaver

April Yard of the Month

Congratulations to Pat Mallard at 2225 Lanier Avenue for being chosen for the April Amity Gardens Neighborhood Yard of the Month!

“Thank you for choosing my yard for April. I have lived in Charlotte and on Lanier Avenue since 2012. The move to Charlotte has been a challenge.
Meeting Jo Ann Henderson who lives on Dudley Avenue has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. We both attend First Baptist Church. Jo Ann and Larry are the best!” – Pat Mallard

Safety first….. Some thoughts from an Essential Worker.

Make a list for the store. Find out what you need ahead of time. Google product names. Have alternatives just in case store is out of your favorite brand.

If you need help from an employee ask them from 6 feet away. We talk to dozens of people everyday, we don’t want to be up close and personal.

If possible, leave your kids at home. (Teenagers too)

You may be bored, but please don’t come in to just browse and end up touching multiple things that you have no intention of buying.

Please, please leave your dog at home unless it is a service animal. This is for always, not just during a pandemic. Under no circumstances should you ever put your dog in a shopping cart. Carts do not get washed.

Please be patient with us, we are understaffed because a lot of our workers are out on leave because they are vulnerable to illnesses.

Please remember that we are worried about our health and the health of our family and friends just like you. Many of us are extremely stressed and trying to not show it to our guests.

Thank You,
Juan Torres

(Shared with permission)

Consider Supporting These Businesses…………….

The following businesses have supported and donated to events that the Amity Gardens Neighborhood Association as hosted. Please consider supporting them during this time. If you do, please tell the you live in the Amity Gardens Neighborhood and that we appreciate their past support and that we are working to support them at this time.
Banner Nursery
Backyard Birds
Jersey Mike’s (Oakhurst)
Common Market/Oakwold

Sonny’s BBQ

Swirl Bakery
Lupie’s Café
Sal’s Pizza
Kona Snow (has a new name/owner)
Las Margaritas
Oakhurst Grill
Gus’ Sir Beef
Wolfman Pizza
Stacks Kitchen