Amity Gardens

Official Website of the Amity Gardens Neighborhood in east Charlotte, NC

Neighborhood Association

Who We Are

The Amity Gardens Neighborhood Association is comprised of, maintained by, and committed to residents devoted to the preservation and improvement of our neighborhood.

Mission Statement

Amity Gardens Neighborhood Association is dedicated to maintaining an established, peaceful, safe, attractive, and involved community for all residents through partnerships, community projects, and events.

Membership Information

While all neighbors are encouraged to participate in events and meetings, only registered members of the association may vote for, or hold board positions.

Membership dues are $10 per household per year.

What We are Not

The Neighborhood Association is not a homeowner’s association.   We do not create or enforce rules of any sort.   All activities and dues are entirely voluntary.

Board Members

President – Amy Harris
Vice President – Luke Carter
Treasurer – Annie Flint
Secretary – Marty Payne
Activities / Social Media – Donna Thomas

At-Large – Donna Fisher
At-Large –