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  1. Your web site brought back some pleasant memories. My father built a house on Unaka Avenue in 1957 and we lived in Amity Gardens until 1964. I attended Oakhurst Elementary. I was enjoying the pictures of your potluck dinner and, if my memory is correct, the Shropshires lived in the house seen in the background. I also remember well the Amity Garden Shopping Center which I know has been replaced by a WalMart. My thanks to all those who maintain this site. KMA

  2. We moved on Eaton in 1956 & also went to Oakhurst. I now own the family home. I remember both Amity Gardens & Coliseum Shopping centers being built. I have some pictures or the centers. Also a Clark’s dept stores, changed to Cooks, were in the Amity Gardens center along with a cafeteria. Still a good neighborhood.

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