Annual Meeting/Board Elections

The Amity Gardens Neighborhood Association Board met last week and made the decision to start our regular quarterly meetings/annual elections back. We have not hosted them for the past two years due to Covid. The meeting will be on Tuesday, September 13th. More details to come…..

Unless something changes, the current members are planning to run again, but if you are interested in a position on the board you will need to contact the board no less than 30 days prior to election day, per our by-laws. You may email us at to have your name added to the ballot.

Board Positions:


Vice President



Activities/Social Media Coordinator

(2) At-Large Members

Per our by-laws, you may vote for the board after paying the annual $10 neighborhood association dues (we have not collected dues for the past two years due to Covid). The $10 is good for everyone 18 and older that live in the household – that is a deal!

The dues help us to continue to offer fun events during the year for the residents of Amity Gardens, which we are hoping to start back up soon!