MoRA – Monroe Road Advocates

The Amity Gardens Neighborhood is now partnering with MORA – Monroe Road Area for volunteer projects and events.

Please think about signing up to help with this Patchwork Crosswalk project.

Patchwork Crosswalk mural installation gets the green light! Painting begins this week and you can sign up to help the artists.…/10c0d4baca723a0fec34…

Artists MyLoan Dinh and Bunny Gregory will be installing the first of four crosswalk/sidewalk murals on Chippendale at Monroe.

Beginning this week, helpers are needed for…—painting under the direction of the artists,—helping to keep paint and brushes covered,—safety lookout, and—general help and cleanup.

***Ages 13 and up, please.***We’ve been keeping the art under wraps, but as a volunteer you’ll be among the very first to see the design!

Each crosswalk was inspired by people who live in this community and is completely different from the others. For more info on the project, visit you to our sponsors: David Krug & Associates, Inc., Edge City Brewery, Sherwin-Williams on Wendover