Third Place Winner……

Congratulations to The Thomas family at 5362 Buena Vista Avenue for being chosen for Third Place in the Amity Gardens Neighborhood Holiday Decorations contest. They received a $25 Walmart gift card.

“Christmas cheer is a family tradition at the home of the Thomas Family, 5362 Buena Vista Avenue. Donna and Alan Thomas chose to purchase the home from Alan’s grandmother when they were married in 1995, choosing to ultimately raise their family in their heirloom of a home which they have added their own personal touch to over the years.

“I love that we chose to raise our two boys in Amity Gardens,” Donna explains, “we all have shared great memories here. Although we have expanded and refurbished MawMaw Thomas’ original home to make it our own, we know she would be so proud. My most favorite addition is our front porch. It is more than a structure, to me it is a part of my life and my own family traditions.” Growing up in North Carolina and visiting her family in Florida and South Georgia, the front porch was where it all happened. Family gatherings, celebrations, reunions…all involved front porch sitting – something that is even more special during the holidays.

Donna is a second generation honorary “Griswold”, a nod to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. With assistance from Alan and her two adult sons, Taylor and David, they light up the night sharing their festive, cozy atmosphere with all who travel down Buena Vista Avenue. (Donna gets it from her father, Retired CMPD Deputy Chief Glen Mowrey.)

Alan, the introverted yang to Donna’s outgoing yin, is happy that home has always been a focal point for neighborhood and family gatherings (just like it was when his grandmother lived in the home) – much of which is thanks to Donna’s involvement in the Amity Gardens Neighborhood Association, her support of CMPD Community Policing efforts, and more.

Many a potluck, neighborhood gathering, front porch chatter, family meals and more will happily continue to happen at the Thomas home; but for now, much of it is currently on pause due to COVID-19. Stop by and give a wave if you can. They will be happy to see you this holiday season.”