First Place Winner!!

Congratulations to Mary Tucker at 2238 Lanier Avenue for winning FIRST PLACE in the Amity Gardens Holiday Decorations contest. Mary received a $75 gift card to Walmart and the WINNER sign for her yard.

“I moved here in 1989, the year Hugo blew through, the best neighborhood in Charlotte.

A few years later Anne Barnett (corner of Unaka & Dudley) gave me this tree for Christmas (just a little sprig) who thought it would get this big. She and Hans Christiansen (deceased) planted it.

Several years ago Terry Greene (Bernie Helms) nephew brought a crew and installed 13,000 lights on the tree. Squirrels love to chew on them. If you have any extra string lights you are willing to sell cheap, let me know. 

My son worked on the lights on Thanksgiving day and got them working and put the rest of the lights in the yard. Bonnie install the lights around the house.

I am SO EXCITED to be chosen” – Mary Tucker