Joint Neighborhood Meeting with Amity Gardens and Eastway Park/Sheffield Park – Thursday, January 16th.

Amity Gardens Neighborhood and Eastway Park/Sheffield Park Neighborhood is hosting a joint meeting on Thursday, January 16th at Eastern Hills Baptist Church (our regular meeting site). AG will be there for the (2) speakers, then after that EPSP will have their regular business meeting. You are welcome to stay for that, or leave if you need to.

Speakers for Thursday:

**NCDOT Representative/s will be providing a brief presentation including Q&A to include a handout survey to receive public feedback concerning individuals who choose to run/dodge 50-70 mph traffic crossing 74 Expressway instead of using the Overpasses (or Underpass in the case with Pierson Drive). Sharon Amity & Idlewild have brand new Overpasses with sidewalks for Pedestrians. Eastway Drive & Briarcreek will soon have new improvements made for better Pedestrian & Bicycle usage. Pierson Drive Underpass will have improvements when the City’s Final Plan of Pierson Drive Extension from Amity Gardens & Oakhurst for Pedestrian & Bike walkways. As 74 Expressway’s future expansion from Conference Drive to Monroe, NC, with plans to become NC Turnpike from Wilmington, NC to Our Airport without traffic Lights, NCDOT will have Overpasses designed & built to include sidewalks in order for Pedestrian’s to safely cross from 1 side of 74 Expressway to the other side.

**Mecklenburg County Staff Representative; Maitri Meyer, will be giving a presentation with Q&A afterwards concerning Recycle Right; the Do’s/ Don’t’s for proper Recycling in Charlotte/Mecklenburg and how we can best do our part to cut down on the amount of trash just being dumped in Landfills when so much can be recycled and re-purposed.

**Thursday, January 16th, 7:00 pm- 8:00 pm @Eastern Hills Church: 4855 Albemarle Road (corner of Pierson Drive) in the fellowship Hall located on the Ground floor entering from the lower level parking lot.