Congratulations to the Holiday Decorations Runner-Up!

Congratulations to the Guimond’s at 5368 Buena Vista Avenue! They are the Amity Gardens Holiday Decorations Contest Runner-Up!! They received a $25 gift card to Walmart that was graciously donated by Walmart Charlotte – E Independence Blvd.

“Our family has lived in Amity Gardens for almost 25 years. We raised our little girl here and part of that tradition was putting up our old school Christmas light each year the same way. The old large light bulbs and candles in the windows were her favorite. This neighborhood has been a great place to raise our family. It was our North Pole! When Fern returns home from college to see the Christmas lights at home, its like stepping back in time remembering those childhood Christmas memories in Amity Gardens.” Merry Christmas everyone from Jim, Suzanne & Fern!


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