Long post, but worth the read. It honors two of our special CMPD Providence Division Officers!

Long post, but worth the read. It honors two of our special CMPD Providence Division officers. Officer Holly Lawton is currently one of Amity Gardens Community Officers and Sargent David Padgett our former AG Community Officer. The following Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officers were recognized and honored at the 40th Annual Police Community Relations Awards Gala. This awards event recognizes officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department who have made outstanding contributions to the improvement of police community relations in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. Officers are judged on their involvement in helping the community understand the police function and the citizens’ role; demonstration of extraordinary efforts in the area of crime prevention and involvement in aiding neighborhoods in handling their special problems. This year we received more than 500 nominations from communities throughout the Charlotte area.

Officer Holly Lawton – Providence Division                                                                                    Officer Lawton recognizes that building relationships of mutual trust between the police and the community is critical to maintaining public safety and effective policing. A community member commented that Officer Lawton has been the epitome of going above and beyond and she operates with integrity and is an individual who upholds good moral character. Officer Lawton also started Children Making Positive Decision which takes neighborhood children on educational field trips.

Office David Padgett – Providence Division                                                                                      Officer Padgett makes every effort to demonstrate how much Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) cares about the community. As a 27-year veteran with CMPD, Officer Padgett has organized coat and glove drives and has put individuals struggling with mental health challenges in touch with the proper resources. He works with community leaders and business owners to identify and resolve quality of life issues affecting them.

AND, Officer Padgett was recently promoted to Sergeant!

This photo is one I took when were were out to lunch after delivering food and gifts to to area children via the CMPD Police Explorers Christmas Project. – Donna Thomas 

Holly & David CMPD

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