Owl Fest 2018 was a SUCCESS!

What a HOOT we all had a Owl Fest 2018! We had approximately 120 people that came for food, fun and fellowship!

A HUGE thanks to the awesome Amity Gardens Neighborhood Board members, Eastern Hills Baptist ChurchKona SnowFace Art And More and to the 13 businesses that donated door prizes (some multiple ones) to the event.

Banner Nursery – Beautiful Potted Arrangement
Common Market – $40
Sonny’s BBQ – Dinner for 2 ($40 value)
Kona Snow – (2) Gift Baskets ($25 value each)
Blackhawk Hardware – $25
Morris Costumes – $25
Oakhurst Grill – (3) $20
Sal’s Pizza – 1 large plain pizza
Gus’ Sir Beef – (2) Dinner for 2 (dinner specials)
Dish Restaurant- (2) $15
Wolfman Pizza – (2) $10
The Improper Pig (3 $10
SmashBurger (20) $5

Thank you to everyone that came out this afternoon.
We are already excited thinking about Owl Fest 2019!




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