October Yard of the Month

Congratulations to Ben & Alicia Alford of 5014 Kistler Avenue, they are the winners of the October 2018 Yard of the Month!

“Ben and Alicia have lived on Kistler Ave since December 2016. They have two dogs, Beau and Zebbie, who have probably barked at you at some point😄. We’ve enjoyed getting to know our neighbors and like the neighborhood a lot. We bought this house as a “fixer-upper” of sorts and have been doing most of the work inside since moving in but have spent a lot of time in the yard too, cleaning it up and planting new things. Ben is a mechanical engineer in Charlotte and Alicia works for a local TV station in digital sales and advertising. We look forward to getting to know more neighbors so if you’re walking by, feel free to stop and say hi and meet us and the dogs too.