The Holiday Lights Yard of the Month Winner is 5237 Lynnville Avenue!

Congratulations to the Carter family!

“Our father started decorating the outside of the house in the early 60’s. It has gone through quite a few different presentations over the years. Sometimes the lights went on top the roof and ran down all the sides, sometimes we erected temporary fencing to run them along the road and back up to the house. One year someone stole all the lights in the front yard.

After my father passed 10 years ago the sons kept up the tradition even though we have encountered more blown fuses then I can count. We have recently been experimenting with led lights. While they certainly help with the fuse problem they aren’t quite as bright as the old fashioned bulbs so the jury is still out on converting entirely over.

With the recent passing of our mother we have decided that as long as a Carter lives here we will continue to honor the tradition of many lights. We have always enjoyed them and hope our neighbors do as well.” – The Carter Family