Copper thefts from residence crawl space

Community Coordinator David Padgett from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

To All Concerned,

In the 2200 block of Lanier Ave during the late night hours, it appears that someone attempted to steal copper from the underneath the residence while the owner was home. If you see or hear anything suspicious around or near your residence, please call 911 and let an officer investigate it. in the past copper thefts have been a common occurrence for residence that are not occupied, so please keep an eye out for suspicious activity around vacant properties, residences where the owners are on vacation and your own residence. If they attempted it at this residence, they will try again at another house in the Amity Gardens Community. Patrol officers will be checking for suspicious activity along Lanier Ave, Dudley Dr, Eaton Rd, Kistler Ave, Unaka Ave, and Lynnville Ave, especially during the evening hours. Please call 911 if they see something or hear anything out of the ordinary. Thanks in advance.