Message from Amy Harris (Amity Gardens Neighborhood President)

Hello Amity Gardens Neighborhood,

I just back from a meeting about Oakhurst School and I’m pumped!!

The Principal is Dr. Tisha Greene she comes to us from Hidden Valley Elementary. She is very articulate and involved in the planning of the school and the community.
Here are some highlights as to what this school will look like: It’s name is Oakhurst Steam Academy. Our mascot is Oakhurst Rockets and the colors will be light blue and light orange. Oakhurst will have:

Science and Robotic Labs
Lego Walls
3 D Printer ( example, this allows you to print out an image on a paper into a 3 dimensional object in plastic)
Projects for each grade level
No uniforms
Field Trips
Dance club

As with every new endeavor there will be hick ups along the way. What I am concerned about is that they have 5 assistant teachers in a school of app.650 students. This to me says that there must be lots of parent and community involvement. If you would like to volunteer I will let you know who to speak with at the school.

I did ask her if they needed help moving in and she said CMS handles that process. However, the school may need help with set up after school starts. Their move in date is Aug 21st and school starts Aug 24th.

I am so excited that our neighborhood is going to gain this school once again. I think we will see a lot of positive things happening in our community in the next two years. If you have any questions please shoot me an email at

Best Regards,
Amy Harris