CMPD Update for Amity Gardens Neighborhood

CMPD Amity Gardens Neighborhood Update:

According to CMPD statistics, there has been a 100% decrease in
reported incidents for Aggravated Assault – Gun and Commercial Burglary. Stats show no significant increases in reported incidents for the Amity Gardens neighborhood for the last 30 days.

There was 1 reported incident for the month – larceny from building. The reported incident have been classified as “Open” and assigned to an officer or detective for follow-up.

The top five “Calls for Service” listed for the neighborhood are Zone Check (79), Traffic Stop (38), Loitering for Money(14), Citizen Contact (11) and Accident in Roadway – Property Damage (10).

PLEASE REMEMBER: When you approach a stop sign, the law requires you to come to a FULL stop. Do not proceed to move again until you are sure the way is clear. A stop sign requires a vehicle to stop at an intersection, the driver must stop at the appropriately marked stop line. If there is no stop line or marked crosswalk, the driver must stop before entering the intersection where he/she has a view of the intersecting street.