YARD ART DAY – Labor Day 2014


Amity Gardens Neighborhood will have several art displays for the Charlotte YARD ART DAY on Labor Day. We would love to have you come and see the fun and creative art projects some of our residents will be displaying.  And if you go to the Yard Art Day website you can see the map of all the Yard Art Day participates in the Charlotte area.

Participates so far for Amity Gardens are:
Dan Mask – 2127 Lanier Avenue
Blair Israel – 2327 Lanier Avenue
Amy Harris – 5101 Kistler Avenue
Suzanne Guimond, Fern Guimond & David Thomas – 5368 Buena Vista Avenue
Donna Thomas & David Thomas – 5362 Buena Vista Avenue

You can get more information at http://www.yardartday.org